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  • Problem tenants are out fast!
  • As your counsel, I will ensure that every step of the eviction process is hand walked through for the fastest possible result. I don't mail anything and nothing sits in a pile somewhere waiting to be processed.
  • Unlimited complementary phone consultation for legal strategy, Statutory Notices and advice 7 days a week.
  • All case handled personally by the attorney.
  • Complementary tenant notice review prior to filling suit.
  • Cases are flat fee with no fluctuation, even if court motions, mediation or appearances are required.
  • Experienced, 22 year attorney that has successfully processed over 5,000 evictions.


If you are a landlord and are having problems evicting a tenant from your property call the Law Offices of Kurt S. Berman, P.A. He has over 23 years assisting landlords with evicting problem tenants. The best part about hiring Kurt S. Berman as your attorney is you have the benefit of working directly with him. All fees are flat rates even if court motions, mediation, or appearances are required, so as a landlord you know exactly what you are getting. Even further, he will offer a complimentary tenant notice review prior to filing the suit. The Law Office of Kurt S. Berman has a lot of experience with the eviction process in Miami and has helped hundreds of landlords get their problem tenants out!

If you are a landlord in the North Miami, South Miami, or Miami-Dade County and are trying to get rid of a tenant for not paying rent, destruction of property, or HOA violations you can get a free consultation 7 days a week with Kurt S. Berman by calling (305) 951-5210. He will help get your problem tenant evicted quickly! Don’t lose any more money to a problem tenant when you can have them out by hiring Kurt S. Berman to represent you.


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As a landlord, why should I hire an tenant eviction attorney?


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Unlimited phone consultation and advice. Attorney Available via cell phone 24/7


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Experienced, 22 year attorney that has successfully processed over 5000 evictions

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Law Offices Of Kurt S. Berman, Squire.

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  • Discount price quote, call: 305-951-5210.
  • Cases are flat fee with no fluctuation.


  •  Fastest possible result. I don't email anything
  • Unlimited phone consultation and advice
  • Attorney Available via cell phone 24/7
  • Cases are filed and served the next business day.
  • Complementary tenant notice review.

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